Olive Turns 5! | A Great British Bake Off Party | Kids Event Photography Santa Monica

great british bake off birthday party photography los angeles

I have never seen a party quite like this! And never met a girl quite like Olive :)

The birthday girl and her guests actually BAKED the birthday cake (or cupcakes in this case) themselves!

And look at those faces up above, baking is SO MUCH FUN….even though they didn’t actually have ingredients in their bowls at that point but let’s just pretend. Olive succeeded in getting chocolate all over her face and I succeeded in thoroughly documenting it. Keep scrolling to see the many faces of chocolate covered Olive, it was hard to choose! Christa, you are an expert at thinking up unique and engaging birthday party activities, I don’t know how you do it. Thanks for all the fun and I can’t wait to meet bebe #3!

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