Benni's Birthday with Alice and the Mad Hatter | Kids Party Photography South Bay

alice in wonderland birthday party south bay los angeles photography

Oh my, she did it again, she threw an epic party.

Heather truly turned her backyard into a WONDERLAND. There were so many beautiful little details to capture my camera could hardly keep up!

Alice and the Mad Hatter arrived shortly to tell stories, play games, and keep everyone thoroughly entertained (I highly recommend these characters from Smile and a Song, so fun and engaging). But no, that wasn’t all…a mobile petting zoo showed up! The kids (and adults) could interact with fluffy little bunnies or spiky little hedgehogs. Let me tell you, I never knew hedgehogs were so adorable. What a sweet and memorable birthday for the lovely Benni, thanks for having me again Heather - always a pleasure!

Until the next party…


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