Are you a Pirate or a Fairy? | Asher's 7th Peter Pan Party | Kids Birthday Photography South Bay

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I can’t even with this party. How do you do all the life things and make time to plan such a spectacular party like this!? Heather, tell me your secrets!

Entering this party is like reading a choose your own adventure book - you get to decide if you want to be a fairy (put on those sparkly wings), lost boy (put on that colorful face paint), or pirate (arrrrrr).

The magic begins with a pirate parrot (try saying that three times fast) show, real life birdies for these kids to ooh and ahh over. Be careful what you say, they will repeat it. That’s not it for entertainment, next was a visit from a very hilarious duo - Captain Hook and Mr. Smee! Sword fight etiquette, pirate ship lingo, and the wittiest of banter ensue. There’s so much more to write but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Now keep scrolling or I’ll have ye walk the plank!

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