Asher Turns 6! | A Camping Party with the Beat Buds | Kids Birthday Photography Manhattan Beach

boys birthday party photography south bay manhattan beach

What a party this was!  I had the sneaking suspicion it would be amazing before walking in, Heather sure knows how to throw a party and seems to outdo herself every year.  Asher the birthday boy was such a gracious host, he even offered to give me his lemonade because it was sooo delicious I needed to try it :) 

There were so many creative details for the camping theme, I especially loved the goodie bags that cleverly said

"Here's some goodies.  Now go take a hike!"

Watching all the kids walk out of the party with those on their shoulders....well you have to scroll down to the end to see for yourself!  This party was even prepared to go from day to night, the minute the sun set everything started to GLOW!  Jars of fireflies, a campfire, the goodie bags...Ok there is just too much to say, I'll let the images tell the tale.  Thanks for having me Heather!

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