the photographer

Hi there!  I'm Shannon, the photographer behind Remember Makers.  I am an LA native, inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo and Wes Anderson, and totally in love with roller skating and my rascal pup Stevie (I don’t really know how to pose in a photo without her anymore!).  A camera has been in my hand for 15 years, I think it's there to stay.  

I have experimented with all types of photography over the years and have always landed back on documentary family photography, I believe it is the most meaningful documentation I can do.  My greatest hope is that, in years to come, you will look back on these captured moments and feel joy in the remembering.  




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Where are you located?

Home base is the Silver Lake Neighborhood of Los Angeles but we travel all over! Anywhere from the South Bay to Pacific Palisades to Pasadena to santa Clarita and beyond. Driving is no problem, that’s what podcasts are for right? we might add on a travel fee depending on the distance.

Do you only shoot kids birthdays?

Nope! We shoot birthday parties For all ages, family portrait sessions, nonprofit & school events, baby showers, almost any kind of event…just ask.

Do you offer photo books?

Yes! we love photo books! Softcovers, hardcovers, layflats, the works…it’s the perfect way to Move your memories out from the screens and into your hands. contact us for more info.

How long until we see the photos?

You’ll get a sneak peek within 48 hours (social media can’t wait!) the entire gallery is up and in your mailbox within 28 days.


What is your shooting style?

candids are our jam. documentary fly on the wall style with no stiff posing or stress involved. just movin’ and groovin’ with the flow of the party. Things not going according to plan? THe birthday boy won’t stop crying? cake fell on the floor? we’ll document that…it’ll be funny later.

what do you take photos of during the Party?

we capture it all! The kids, Guests, decorations, a quick family portrait if the mood strikes…we especially love moments between mamas & papas and their children (since you guys are usually the ones taking the photos). you will hardly notice us capturing those special little moments.

How many photos do we receive?

you will receive around 200 - 300 images in the event gallery, 50 - 100 for a portrait session.

What are your rates?

Birthday packages start at $650, Portrait packages start at $550. A deposit saves the date. Reach out for more detailed info!

Have more questions? Ready to book?